Elisabeth MoyerAssociate Professor

Research Focus:
Atmosphere chemistry and transport, climate change
(773) 834-2992
Hinds 405

Research Interests

My research interests fall in two main threads. The first includes the use of the isotopic composition of atmospheric water vapor as a tracer of convective processes, cirrus formation, and stratosphere-troposphere exchange; and the design of spectroscopic techniques for in-situ trace gas measurements. The second includes climate (and human) response to greenhouse-gas forcing; development of tools for impacts assessment; statistical emulation of climate model output; and climate and energy policy evaluation.

Selected Publications

  • Poppick, Andrew, et al. "Temperatures in transient climates: improved methods for simulations with evolving temporal covariances." The Annals of Applied Statistics 10.1 (2016): 477-505.
  • Glotter, Michael J., et al. "Evaluating the Sensitivity of Agricultural Model Performance to Different Climate Inputs*." Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology 55.3 (2016): 579-594.
  • Fridlind, Ann M., et al. "Derivation of physical and optical properties of mid-latitude cirrus ice crystals for a size-resolved cloud microphysics model." Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 16.11 (2016): 7251.