Travel Reimbursements

Required Documents

Please send your completed Travel Reimbursement Form to Adelaide Grosse ( All documents should be saved as a pdf, png, or jpeg file.


University of Chicago Travel Reimbursement Policy

While all expense reimbursements must comply with the University of Chicago Financial Policy 1202, following are some tips about common expense items and receipt requirements:


-In addition to your proof of payment receipt, please include itemized receipts for travel meals. In instances when you have both an itemized receipt and a proof of payment receipt, please be sure to label them as “proof of payment” and “itemized receipt” in order to minimize confusion.


-Expense reimbursements that include transactions made in foreign currency should be converted to USD. If the USD is not shown on your receipts, it is required that you include a “print out” of the currency conversion to USD from OANDA for the dates of the transactions.


-All flights booked must be the lowest available non-refundable economy fare and paid for in US or foreign currency. You cannot be reimbursed for flights that are purchased using reward points.


- Airline baggage fees are reimbursable, but other purely voluntary fees like early boarding, economy plus upgrades, etc. are not.


-In general, an acceptable receipt must show the cost of the purchase and show that a transaction was made to pay for the purchase. Reservation confirmation emails without payment details are insufficient.


If you have questions or need assistance with your reimbursement, please reach out to