Information for Current Students


The links in the tab to the left contain information for currents students ranging from the Ph.D. Student Handbook (program guide, requirements, and expectations), University information and resources, the department's proprosed course offerings for the coming year, department life, and DoGS Athletics.

Senior Undergraduate Theses Archive

For further information, relevant department contacts are:

  • Undergraduate Counselor:  Mark Webster
  • Graduate Counselors: Andrew Campbell, Michael FooteDoug MacAyeal, Elisabeth Moyer
  • Student Affairs Administrator: Fahad Sajid
  • IT/Systems Administrator: Tom Indelli. Tom can help you set up an account on geosci, printing access, and have access to campus or department e-mail accounts.
  • Building Manager: Victor Gavin. If you have any questions or concerns related to the building itself (your office is too hot or too cold, you're locked out of your office, etc.) see Victor.